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意大利品牌 GaGà Milano 于2004年诞生在米兰。它的诞生,表达了一种特殊的生活方式,寻找并应对这个世界。
对完美的追求,不断突破自身限制,短时间迅速发展,成为全球知名企业,在意大利和世界各点高档地区开设门店,并确立了GaGà Milano 新的品牌身份:奢侈品牌手表。

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"Gaga" is an old expression that is elegant but quirky, stylish with a touch of irony and meticulous about every detail.

Starting from the idea of "remoulding a pocket watch in the 1900s into a new watch with a watch strap matched ", the designer Ruben Tomella innovates the existing watch and creates GaGa Milano.

GaGa Milano is not a business watch with a rigorous style, but a stylish watch aiming to liberate urban people from the chronic self-repression. It advocates an attitude of returning to nature.


In 2017, Neymar, the Brazilian soccer prodigy and Barcelona ace, became GaGa Milano's brand ambassador as part of a contract that runs until 2020. Consequently, the Neymar finite series was born.

Fashion is no longer a pursuit, but something called self-interpretation and creation. GaGà Milano has been looking for innovative materials and technological solutions to bring more stylish watches to everyone.

Pursuing perfection, GaGà Milano founded a manufacturing plant in Switzerland. 

Showing vivid imagination and precious mechanical movement, GaGà watch is a real work of handicraft. 

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